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    Marketing Automation

    The analytics of digital, the reliability of tradition.

March 19, 2015

Marketing Automation

With the wide array of digital analytics tools available for marketing and advertising, there is no reason to run blind on your traditional advertising. We bring the digital realm into the real world with things like

  • Loyalty cards,
  • QR codes,
  • Custom built IOT devices such as Twitter based guestbooks and Instagram photobooths
  • Tagged print ads
  • Scannable fliers
  • Trackable drink tickets
  • Custom App development with geofencing and location based marketing.

Bringing digital analytics to your traditional marketing allows you easily see what kind of return you are getting on your marketing dollar. Is that $325/wk spent in your local weekly giving you the same return as adwords, or sponsored updates on yelp? Which of your street teams are pulling the most weight? It also allows you to use your on-site audience to build lists and followers.

My first foray into hybrid marketing came shortly after September 11th. Nightlife tanked and one of the venues I worked for saw a 90% reduction in attendance for over 3 weeks. I had to cut 75% of our print advertising campaigns. I had a hunch which one was performing best, but I wasn’t certain.

The next week, with only two weeks left prepaid on our ad-account, I stacked the house deck, and instead of running our usual calendar, I dumped all of our outside promoter’s events and focused on our two in house events. But this time, I offered no-cover for two people all night long if they brought the ad to the box office.

Not only was I surprised at the results, (I never would have guessed that 90% of our impressions came from our small ads in the calendar section of the local paper, rather than the calendar weeklies we had the full color ads in) we actually more than made up for the cover at the bar.

Since then, I have developed methods for brick and mortar businesses to use the same tools that online businesses use. How would you like to be able to see, on a daily basis, which of your print advertisements were having the most impact? How about getting the report emailed to you every morning?

It’s possible, and what’s best is that once it is set up, it just keep generating results.

How about being able to measure the return on investment from street teams versus pole posters?

You can do that too.

Hybrid marketing brings the tools of digital marketing to the traditional realm. We’ll show you the way.